Graphic design

Graphic design creates a story of a company, that successfully communicates with its followers – which is nowadays of upmost importance.

Different project demand same elements but not all need the same – creating graphic elements differs to every single story.

If you have any ideas you would wish to create you are more than welcome to contact us!

Doggy sitting
Full graphic design for Doggy sitting company was a project that combined:
– logotype,
– business cards,
– voucher design and print material,
– design and creation of website.

We wished that graphics stay simple and recognisable between other firms.
Natis shop
Fresh design of a web shop for pets Natis Shop has its base in first logotype. In it's idea we have designed a new, modernised logotype that can be easily used on different paterials. Project has later been extended to creation of:
– logotype,
– business cards,
– roll-up,
– print adds,
– web-shop design.
Graphic design for law office Plauštajner&Plauštajner has extended to design of different elements, that had to keep it simple and clean:
– logotype,
– business cards,
– PowerPoint template,
– website

Later the website has also been executed by us to its working form.  
2nd school of young cancer
A bigger project of designing materials for event that is held by Oncology institute in Ljubljana. We have prepared different materials:
– logotype,
– invitation, diploma, confirmation, program,
– PowerPoint template for speakers,
– catalogue,
– graphics for cotton bags and bottle design,
– webpage.
InTerra 2017
Creation of whole event design, that is every year moved to another country. In 2017 InTerra has been hosted by Maribor and we have prepared the following:
– logotype,
– banner for podium,
– catalogue cover,
– website with entry system.
European Spanielspecial
Project created for Belgian club that has organised a big spaniel special show under the European dog show event in Brussels. 9 breeds of spaniels that were shown there were also design base for:
– logotype and pictograms of all 9 breeds,
– promo material (web),
– promo material (print),
– catalogue cover,
– web design and creation with entry system.
Pure Paws SI
For Pure Paws Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia we have prepared different materials – from web promotions to print adds:
– banners, pictures,
– design of grooming tips for promotion,
– design of products catalogue,
– design of different roll-ups,
– creation of web shop.
Designing a typeface is one of the long-term projects of a graphic designer. It requires total devotion, lots of time and attention to details. It is essential to understand typography and lettering.
On 1-week-course at TipoBrda the typeface Blocki has been created.